What percentage  are you realizing your potential?

What if there was a whole other level ​- more than you ever thought possible?

Jane Sanders Jyoti
- Natural Therapist/Healer

"'After brain surgery I spent 4 years wondering why I was here. Kiya brought  deep healing where I felt renewed and able to start living my life again. 

Jonna De Greef
​-Tantra Teacher

"With his strong and loving way of holding the space he took the whole group on a very deep journey… my most profound breathing experience. ​."

Monique Darling
​- Tantra Teacher

"Kiya Shanti  is a beautiful breath worker. He took me ba​ck to my birth, and brought out memories I never knew existed!!"

Annie Marie - Yoga Teacher

"Kiya is intuitive, grounded, with an ability to offer direct guidance that speaks to the soul."